F1-P544J     F1-P654   F1-P1000.1D F1-P1500.1


  F2-1000 DF
    F2-P1200.1D     F2-P1500.1D  
F2-P2200.1GR F2-CO2200.1DB    
F3-P854('08) F3-P854 NEW! F3-P1502 F3-P1800.1D
  F3-P3000DII     F5-P50000        
  F3-P654s     F3-P1500_1D     F3-P2500_1D  
  F5-P600.1D     F5-P904D     F5-P905CH  


RMS Power Output @ 4 Ohm 50W x 4 Ch
Max Power Output @ 4 Ohm 100W x 4 Ch
RMS Power Output @ 2 Ohm 70W x 4 Ch
Max Power Output @ 2 Ohm 140W x 4 Ch
Bridged RMS Output @ 4 Ohm 140W x 2 Ch
THD @ RMS power 0.04%
Stereo separaion 90dB
Bass Boost (at 40Hz) 0-18dB
Power Supply 11-16 VDC
Fuse 40A
Dimensions ( W x H x L ) 245 x 50 x 322 mm.

Built-in Crossover
The amplifiers inciude a built- in variable ** low pass crossovers and high pass crossovers.
The crossover features features a variable frequency selection of ( 50 Hz ~ 250 Hz ) for low
Pass filter and high pass filter.

For added low frequency performance the amplifiers are equipped with a switch 0-6-12 dB
Bass boost @ 45Hz.

RCA Line  Output
This per-amp signal output can be used to connect signal input to an additional amplifier or
Crossover at an ease without using splitters.

Tri-Mode Capable
If so desired the amplifier may be run in stereo and mono at the same time. Fro example,
This feature  would allow you to run  a pair of mind and tweeters in stereo and a subwoofer in mono.

Remote Turn-on
Automatically turns amplifier on when connected to the head unit’s remote output. The amplifier
Will turn on and off with the head unit to save  current consumption. This control also operates
the reset circuit for the amplifier’s protection. It must be connected with the head unit  in order
to reset protection circuits.

Adjustable Input Sensitivity
Allow you to fine-tune the level matching between your source and the power amplifier.

Power and Speaker Terminals
Heavy gauge power and speaker terminals with protective covers are provided for maximum
Power and signal  transfer with minimal resistance.

Impedance Stability
For2 and 4 channel amplifiers, thay are stable with a 2 ohm or greater impedance load
Under stereo mode and 4 ohm or greater impedance load under bridged ( mono ) mode. For
Mono subwoofer , they is stable with a 2 ohm or greater impedance  load.

Fuse (s)
This protects the amplifiers against short circuits and excessive current.

DC O ffset protection
This circuit protects the output of the amplifiers against DC voltage. If for some reason DC
Voltage is detected at the output stage, the amplifier will shut down protecting the speakers
From direct current.
Short circuit Protection
The circuit protects the amplifier from damage due to a shund in the speaaaakers or wiring
If one of the speakers or its wiring comes in  contact with ground, the amplifier will shut down.To resume normal operation, correct the problem and turn the head unit off, then back on. The amplifier will reset and play again.

Thermal Protecion
To protect the amplifier circuitry against damage caused by  prolonged exposure to high
Temperatures, a thermal protection circuit is activated if the amplifier reaches excessively
High operating temperature. Once the thermal circuit is activated,the amplifier will shut
Down to cool off. The Amplifier will automatically turn back on once it cools down to a safe operating temperature.

Protection Indicator
This red diagnostic LED on the side panel indicates that the amplifier has gone into protection. Once on, the amplifier will have no output.To resume normal operation,turn head unit off and back on again. If the amplifier immediately goes back into protection, check for high  temperature, short circuits or low impedance.